Neuromodulation for
Migraine and OSA
without drugs or surgery








Trillen Medical is pioneering a next generation neuromodulation device. The Trillen device is designed as a highly effective, safe, non-surgical therapy to treat patients suffering from poorly served neurological disorders, including headache and sleep-disordered breathing, including sleep apnea.



The Trillen device is a platform technology with early clinical evidence suggesting benefits in a variety of conditions including headache, sleep-disordered breathing, vestibular disorders/dizziness, anxiety, depression, and sleep. The first-generation device consists of a small body-worn stimulator.

The headache market is dominated by prescription drugs (98%+ market). The area of wearable neuromodulation for headache is a relatively new sector consisting of several devices based on electrical neuromodulation. The standard of care for OSA is CPAP machines (2 million prescribed in U.S./year); however, compliance is as low as 35% as many patients find these devices cumbersome, uncomfortable, and loud. Implantable neuromodulation devices to treat OSA are effective but require an invasive surgery and are expensive.

The Trillen team is led by Jeremy Koff, MBA MPA, a seasoned medical device executive with over 25 years of medtech experience. He has worked for or consulted to 15+ neuromodulation companies with combined exits of over $5 billion USD. Mark Lindon, Trillen’s Outside General Counsel, is a corporate medtech lawyer and former Chairman of the Board of Bioness Inc., a leading neuromodulation company. The core team also includes former leaders of neuromodulation companies including Advanced Bionics/Sonova, Bioventus/Bioness, and Autonomic Technologies. Trillen advisors include some of the most prominent names in the field of neuromodulation, neurology, and ENT.



For further information, please contact Jeremy Koff at [email protected] or call (818) 219-6273.

Pioneering the Next Generation
of Wearable Neurostimulation


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